09 septiembre 2019

01st September 2019

To School Leaders
To the Teachers
To parents and students
Of the schools of every order and degree
On behalf of the European Presidency Council of the Association Européenne des
Enseignants (AEDE) and of the whole Association, I am pleased to express to all
the operators, pupils and their families, the most sincere and heartfelt wishes for a
happy school year.
These greetings, however, come to you at a time of general instability and uncertainty
for Europe, that finds its origin in a profound crisis of values.
I believe that, trying to read back the events of the recent past can help us identify
valid criteria for dealing with the demanding challenges we face.
Therefore, a commitment of the School is necessary, through the culture of dialogue,
in order to ensure the victory of the reasons of peace, tolerance and the defense of
The school is able to provide right opportunities to reflect and to think again the
values of brotherhood, solidarity, friendship and hope.
May, the opening school year, be really the occasion to reaffirm these great values
that are, among other things, at the base of our Association.
In this responsible and proactive atmosphere, leading us to witness hope in the great
potential for recovery in our Europe, the occasion of the new school year leads us to
renew sensitivity and expectations towards the values of school and education.
We must hope, above all, that in the next school year the foundations can be laid for a
truly better world, a world of peace, far from any kind of difficulties and crises. The
clear reference is also, certainly, to the overcoming of the economic crisis, in order
to go far beyond and invest in other dimensions, such as that of values, culture,
existence; those dimensions that, more than others, contribute to cultivating the hope
of a better future, in which the life project of every individual and the community as a
whole dwells.
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e-mail: aedeeuropea@gmail.com marsegliasilvano@gmail.com
What better time to identify the key to acting on inequalities in the "crisis", restarting
processes, stimulating creativity, giving ever greater dimensions to the ability to "be",
as the only one capable of making us feel protagonists and responsible for History.
Thus, School must commit us to reflect on the generative power that each of us, as
an educator, can and must exercise towards his/her students and society, a power
that must be thought as the capacity for rebirth to the fullness of life , that is,
awareness, responsibility and hope, to be guaranteed to everyone, with no
distinction of race or wealth, a better future, full of certainties and satisfactions.
Substantially, it is about making every effort to abandon useless and too comfortable
schemes, to get involved, to feel like entrepreneurs of one's life and of the good of the
whole society.
It is with these wishes and with this confidence that I renew to you all the best wishes
for a happy and constructive school year.